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Swab Testing

ATP hygiene monitoring provides accurate and traceable verification of the hygienic status of a surface, which is a key component of a good hygiene program.

ATP testing is a universally recognised tool used by the world’s largest and smallest companies for measuring the hygienic status of surfaces and ensure product consistency and safety.

The results of the pre and post-clean readings are all digitally recorded and reported in specialist Trend analysis software which provides you with detailed reports for your records and auditing requirements.

Our specialist luminometer measures adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mould cells. Residues, particularly food or organic residue, contain large amounts of ATP.

After cleaning, all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced.

When ATP is brought into contact with a sealed sterile swap. This contains liquid-stable luciferase/luciferin reagent. The luminometer measures the amount of light generated and provides information on the level of contamination in just seconds. The higher the reading, the more contamination present.

Standard areas tested in a Kitchen Deep Clean:

Prep fridge door handle

Hand wash basin tap fitting

Food prep table surface

Food prep sink surfaces

Hand towel dispenser

We now carry out swab testing for ALL kitchen and Washroom deep cleans AS STANDARD WITH NO ADDITIONAL COST ! 

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Standard areas tested in a Washroom Deep Clean:

Hand basin surfaces

Hand basin tap fittings

Cubicle door handles

Toilet flush mechanism

Soap dispenser

Does your current supplier provide this level of verification?