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Enjoy Our Reliable Kitchen Cleaning in Kent

Your commercial kitchen extraction systems should meet high standards. Hiring the right cleaning company can help you observe the essential safety rules and avoid issues. About Cleaning can help you achieve these goals. We offer affordable and reliable kitchen cleaning in Kent.

About Cleaning is a duct cleaning professional company with certification for kitchen ductwork cleaning. Regular cleaning of kitchen hoods, vents, and canopies is crucial, as these items get dirty quickly. Grease and grime can gather over time in hard-to-reach areas, such as your ductwork. Food's by-products can embed themselves in these places. This activity can be unhygienic and dangerous, as it increases the likelihood of fire breakouts.

Our specialists have the prerequisite training for kitchen cleaning in Kent. We have skilled employees that will ensure your fan systems and ductwork meet the necessary standards to ensure compliance and success during inspections. We strive to make your premises safe for you and your clients.

Quick and Effective Extraction Cleaning in Kent

Working in the commercial food industry requires compliance with stringent hygiene requirements under the Food Hygiene Act and the Health and Safety Act. Our employees understand the rules you need to follow, and they clean thoroughly to leave your kitchen spotless. If you need professional ducting and extraction system cleaning, you can contact us. We will clean them to ensure your kitchen is hygienic and safe.

You may choose us because of many reasons that include:


  • We offer affordable cleaning services.

  • Our team will leave your facilities spotless.

  • We understand the essential regulations, and we help our clients comply with them.

  • Our employees will ensure your premises are safe and hygienic for you and your clients.

Contact us today to schedule your kitchen ductwork cleaning.

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