Grease Extraction Deep Cleaning

Grease Extraction Deep Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Issues

Commercial kitchens have grease extraction systems and are at a higher risk of fire breakouts than the regular building. Grease extraction deep cleaning can help you in many ways. The exercise can reduce the likelihood of a fire breaking out on your premises. About Cleaning offers exceptional grease extraction deep cleaning to protect your business premises.

About Cleaning will help you comply with the HVCA Document, TR19 Part 7. This section dictates the frequency of cleaning exercises and the essential post-clean measurement. It also states the level of contamination allowed before you need a deep clean. Your insurance provider may also require an accredited company to do your grease extraction deep cleaning. About Cleaning can help you meet these requirements.

Your fire damper is an essential safety fitting. It stops the fire from spreading through the building and moving through the ducting. Fire damper testing can help you ensure it works well. A working fire damper closes well when a fire breaks out, preventing it from spreading throughout the premise. This containment minimizes the damage and saves lives.

Why Test Your Fire Dampers

Many people do not know whether their fire dampers work. Their inaccessibility means you may think they work, but they fail you if there is fire. Be proactive and schedule a fire damper testing to ensure they work.

About Cleaning can make the process quick and straightforward. Our test will help you avoid fines and ensure the fire dampers help you in case of a fire. You will need to test the fire dampers upon installation to comply with the British Standard BS 9999. Once this check is complete, further tests are necessary every two years.

About Cleaning is your reliable and affordable cleaning services company. Contact us today to schedule your fire damper testing or grease extraction deep cleaning.