Deep Cleaning Services

Leverage Our Deep Cleaning Services to Clean Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is an essential part of your building. Keeping it clean can help you avoid diseases, unpleasant hygiene conditions, and hazards, such as a fire. About Cleaning's deep cleaning services can help you avoid these experiences.

What Does Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Entail?

Our kitchen deep cleaning will clean all the places in your kitchen.


  • We will do a deep structural cleaning (walls, floors, ceilings).

  • Our experts will do a deep cleaning of your equipment (fryers, cookers, grills, griddles, freezers, refrigerators).

  • We will also do extraction cleaning (filters, canopies, ducting, extractor fans).

  • Our experts will clean the worktop and storage spaces (trolleys, worktops, shelving)

Frequency Cleaning Recommendations

How often should you have kitchen deep cleaning? You should have a deep kitchen cleaning following these timelines.


  1. Light usage — 2–6 hours cleaning per day after every 12 months

  2. Moderate usage — 6–12 hours cleaning per day after every six months

  3. Heavy usage — 12–16 hours cleaning per day after every three months

Choose About Cleaning for your deep kitchen cleaning. Our deep cleaning services are ideal for many reasons.


  • Affordable: You do not need to postpone your thorough cleaning because you do not have enough money. Our services are affordable.

  • Comprehensive: We will clean every inch of your kitchen. Our staff knows not to leave any blemish or skip a spot.

  • Convenient: We can schedule the exercise for a period that is convenient for you. For example, we can plan it for the less busy seasons for businesses.

  • Compliance: We have the essential qualifications to undertake this exercise. Our specialists will also be thorough to ensure you comply with all the hygiene conditions and requirements. Our deep cleaning services will help you meet your Environmental Health requirements with the Food Standards Agency.

Contact us today to schedule your deep kitchen cleaning.