When the build-up of grease becomes heavy, a fire hazard exists. Approximately one of three restaurant fires is caused by grease. So don’t wait to think about getting your canopies cleaned.

A common scenario of how a kitchen exhaust fire starts is this:


  • A flame flares up on the stove or fryer

  • The fire contacts the filters above the cooking equipment on the kitchen hood.

  • The filters ignite.

  • Since the exhaust fan is on, drawing air into the hood, through the filters, and up the duct, the flame on the filters is pulled into the duct.

  • If significant grease residue exists on the duct interior, this can act as a fuel and the fire spreads up the duct, perhaps all the way into the fan.

Our Canopy cleaning is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of TR19, the leading guidance document issued by BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) This is the industry standard Carry out your own free quote now! No Salesmen!


  • Canopies thoroughly degreased internally and externally.

  • Plenum chambers cleaned

  • Grease filters cleaned. Any damage or defects are reported

  • Any defects from your fire suppression system are reported

  • Stainless sell canopies are polished

  • We provide proof of this through our digital documentation of every clean!